Corner JETTED BATHTUB ,Whirlpool.T005

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NEW IN BOX 6 Year USA Warranty.

Model T005

Dimension: 59.1/2in. × 59.1/2in. × 23.5in. (1500*1500*590mm)
Weight: 250 lb.

Functions: Jacuzzi, handle shower, faucet, water outlet, radio.

This newly designed 2 person model indoor hot tub will add a modern look to any bathroom! This is a great investment for any home. These will ship BRAND NEW in a sealed factory crate. Ships within 2-3 business day. Please ensure phone # is included, it is required before we can ship. THESE ARE 100% FULLY UPGRADED WITH ALL OPTIONS POSSIBLE. WE DID NOT TRY AND CUT COST BY REDUCING FUNCTIONS. PLEASE SEE FULL LIST BELOW:

Deluxe Computerized LCD screen control panel

Product Features / Specifications:
w/extra: Stainless steel frame,
•Latest design with all upgrades below - white color
•3 pcs small jets each side under pillow (Total 6Pcs)
* 5 Big Jets
•Hand Held Shower Wand included
•Two (2) Soft Padded Waterproof Pillows included (Removable)

•Underwater LED Lighting included (12v DC power saving)
•Deluxe Computerized LCD screen control panel included (there are several available but we install the highest quality available with LCD screen and full functions)
•Water Level Sensor included
•FM Radio with Speaker included
•Thermostatic faucet to ensure precise water temperature
•Underwater LED Light - Chromatherapy LED lighting installed inside the tub to enhance lighting effects (changes color)
•Leveling legs are on bottom of tub to ensure the tub sits perfectly level
•Power Requirements: 240v. (standard US power).
•Weight: ~250lbs

New Model 2018

Corner JETTED BATHTUB ,Whirlpool.T005 - Image 1
Corner JETTED BATHTUB ,Whirlpool.T005 - Image 1 Corner JETTED BATHTUB ,Whirlpool.T005 - Image 2 Corner JETTED BATHTUB ,Whirlpool.T005 - Image 3 Corner JETTED BATHTUB ,Whirlpool.T005 - Image 4 Corner JETTED BATHTUB ,Whirlpool.T005 - Image 5